Girls, Girls could I get a rate?

I did ask for a rate months ago, but it's going on 20th Valentine's Day alone so I figured I'd ask to see where I stand, please only vote 7 or above if you'd actually date a guy who looked like me, thanks for you're time.

Girls, Girls could I get a rate?

I was always told put a not so great pic next to the first so they get the real idea so there's my college bathroom picture haha

I always put one of the head shape since I shave my head just to prove its not lumpy or anything

im 5'9, about 140 lbs, have tone but trouble building muscle mass despite working out, and the hair well I lost it to shock so if I grew it out itd be very thin. Please just be honest and no feel good answers, thanks.

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I'm very curious if the 1-4's are just due to the lack of hair, as 6's and 7's are pretty radically different from ugly numbers so I feel like the no hair is the killer here


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  • You have a very nice face and very kind looking eyes. I would like to see you smile. :)

    • My smile is not good, at least the natural one, as my it makes my eyes squint and it just overall looks bad haha no hair wouldn't bother you though?

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    • I just figured I'd explain my mindset towards it since you inquired, sorry for the novel.

    • Its fine xD I see what you mean and I don't mind the occasional novel haha

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  • You actually have a really nice face, but I personally prefer a person with hair. You'd look really good with hair but regardless of that you still look fine to me :)

    • Would you be able to date a guy with no hair though? Or is it enough of a put off that a guy who looked like me would be a no go for you?

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    • Well... I guess in this stage of my life I would still prefer to have a man with hair. Thinking about it, I've never actually dated someone without hair, BUT there are so many goodlooking people without hair (the Rock etc.), so I don't see why it would be a major issue. And by the way, that's not true. Some females actually prefer a bald male (like my sister).
      P. s.: sorry for the 3 month late reply lol.

    • See would you say most young women agree with you though? Because if most attractive girls 18-22 say 'at this early I need a guy with hair' you see where I'm still screwed right? I want to be married in my 20's to a girl younger than me. She also has to be slender with a very pretty face, think Lindsey Stirling, so I have higher standards too.

      You think most young women 18-22 range think as you do?

  • You have a fairly attractive face and you look like a really sweet person. Don't worry so much about your hair. Don't get a wig either like someone else suggested because that would look dumb. Just do you ^-^

    • I'm not getting a wig or any of that crap, I know with something like this it really is best to own it, but I am curious if a bald head would be a deal breaker of turn off for you, just be honest, if you read the description you'll know I believe all humans need strong physical attraction to their partner, and I would not date a girl I didn't find very attractive initially, that goes by looks too I mean. Rates are not the best since there's some subjectivity but to give an idea I would not date a girl who wasn't at least a 7 looks wise, not a mod but she's gotta be very slender and have a very attractive face, I only share this to invite honesty about what you think of no hair or the way I look, if you find me unattractive just say so, I may be sweet but I'm not just going for any girl I need THE girls I'm attracted to (until one works out long term) so yeah.

    • I think you do look attractive. In terms of baldness I do prefer hair but it wouldn't be a deal breaker. I guess hair is nice because I love to run my fingers through it but as I said, not having it would t be the end of the world. I also have a strong belief that you shouldn't date someone you're not attracted to. I have dated people that are probably like 4s but I was attracted to them sexually from right at the start so it's not something I really thought or cared about. But hair doesn't make or break it, it's just a preference for me.

    • I understand if I had perfect hair I'd look better, but trust me this is better than the aged follicles from the condition. I just wanted to make sure 'against preference' wasn't the same as 'not attractive/deal breaker'

  • I don't really focus on looks. I focus on what a person brings to the table

    • I may not agree with you, but I respect your opinion. Did you vote? Just curious

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    • And I gave you a 6 or 7. I can't really remember.

    • To each his own.

  • Your so gorgeous if only you had hair but u can get a wig Or sumn

    • So you wouldn't date a guy with no hair?
      And could I ask which you voted? Since your answer kinda goes both ways haha

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    • Yeah but like I said its my opinion if u wanna get dated get a wig

    • First off get dated is not a phrase, but ignoring that what I'm saying is for you to date me hypothetically I'd need a wig. Yes that's your call obviously. However many girls clearly said they don't care that I have no hair. So plenty of girls would date a guy who was bald like me. I'm going to hold my high standards (7-8 range is what I go for in a girls looks) and keep a shaved head. Yeah some will be like you but others will date a guy without hair, unless you're implying most girls don't date bald period which I don't believe.

  • Just grow your hair back, you'll look better.

    • You must not have read, I can't grow hair, I lost it to shock, if I grew what's left out it would be thin and patchy so I cannot grow it out ever again. I take it bald is a deal breaker for you?

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    • Lol no, I'm not saying young girls hate bald. Just ME, I don't like it much

    • I understand, we all have preferences and deal breakers and expectations. As long as you don't think I look ugly or something, I think that for bald I surprisingly pull it off okay.

  • Why are you bald?

    • If you read the description you'd know I lost it.

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    • Like I said I would never date a girl below 7 looks wise either way, but I would ask do you think most girls agree hair is important? And important enough that a guy can't be attractive without it?

      Example; in honesty I know only one guy and I know lots, who has any attraction to overweight girls, would you say bald is similar so young?

      Also (sorry for so many questions) you didn't know which you voted but I hope it wasn't a high number as that would skew the data a bit if someone gives a high number then says they wouldn't date bald, so this may sound strange but in this case I hope you voted a lower number.

    • You don't have to sugar coat it with silence