Girls, What do you think of skinny guys?

Does skinny guys do nothing to you and probably are sort of turn off to you?

Skinny guys need to wax any chest hair they have or else it looks funny?


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  • Im thining about, These guys and others should be happy because of having still a body. Appereance is not too much important. The most important thing is their heart should not skinny :)

    • Ha-ha well that's great to think that way, but still these things DO matter in love sex and romance sort of things, NO?

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    • You are one of your kind , lol

    • Thank you for MH :)

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  • Not attracted to guys that have less body fat than I do & that I weigh more than

  • I was never really attracted to skinny guys tbh, but I think that is just because I've been raised up around guys who are chunky and buff so I think I have a bias opinion on this one.

    • Bit Big and out of shape is better than skinny?

    • Um well I like when guys are on the bigger side but I think HEALTHY is always better.