Kpop girl series #5 Ga-In How beautiful do you think this woman is?

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Kpop girl series #5 Ga-In How beautiful do you think this woman is ?

Watch all the videos I command you ! :P

Ga-In is pretty unique in Kpop, she's been performing since 2006 with the group Brown Eyed Girls and she's not just singing cute or sexy love songs all day :). She's quite mature, confident and elegant as you can tell. She's not shy in any way, she sems to enjoy the topic sex a lot for her songs, but she also has made more serious songs with a message. The last video is a song that's not actually hers but it's exactly her style of song I thought it was hers when I first heard it. And she totally owned it when she performed it.

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  • Ehhhh, she's okay. I'd say a 6 or 6.5 maybe


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  • Really attractive - I think my favourite one so far in this series.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Way less prettier than the other kpop girls


What Guys Said 2

  • beautiful enough

  • On a good day she would be about 3

    • WHatever you say. Im too lazy to make that many poll options sry ;)