Girls, Do you like smooth legs and arms?

Smooth waxed shaved or maybe naturally very very less hairy arms, legs and thighs are better to look and sexually more appealing than really hairy arms legs and thighs on a guy?

  • Smooth is sexy
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  • Hairy is sexy
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  • IDC I just love male body anyway
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  • Hairy arms and legs are definitely sexy. Guys with smooth legs is weird

    • But look at the current votes :)

    • Thats just my opinion.. if other girls are attracted to guys that look like they haven't hit puberty thats just what they like. Everyone is different.

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  • Hair is completely fine with me as long as it isn't out of control hairy ya know? Like @CœurRosé said, it should be well maintained.

  • I personally like when men have hair. I can't really explain it, it's just my preference.

    • Very hairy? :/

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    • Any hair is fine with me as long as it's well-maintained.

    • Hair on torso?
      What is meant by well maintained? Waxing is alos a great way of maintenance,?

  • I do not have a preference, if he has hair that is just a natural prat of the male body right