Can you make up a story?

Can you make up a story about me based on the pictures on my profile in the link below, or maybe what your impressions may be based on these pictures?

Also please ignore the age under my name, it's incorrect]

You guys have some cool imaginations! Keep them coming please :)


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  • My story tittle would be being a smart neared who could not get a date in high school, now every women wants be a couple of years after high school, because I'm a good looking hero now who is making good money in the services

    • Very original haha! Unfortunately for me, the women status probably wouldn't change XD

    • Thank you, you ever know every girl loves a man in uniform, well I do anyways lol

    • Thank you for the HMO

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  • Riley was not your ordenary teenager. After graduating high school, Riley joined the military to persue a career in the medical field. After graduating medical school Riley became a medic. Also studying to become a biological engineer he decided to relocate to asia were he could make a difference saving the live of others...

    • Very original, I like it! :)

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  • I suppose something along the lines of a guy who worked hard in the kitchen during the day to pursue his musical dreams at night.

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