Do these eyes look bad on men?

medium sized round-ish dark brown eyes i mean?
Do these eyes look bad on men?

(both diff marcello alvarez' XD)

My eyes are EXACTLY like these guys and i went on this site called sluthate recently and they say that if your eyes aren't hooded and tiny u basically have no chance at being attractive and all, but i am pretty sure not one of these guys are unattractive, so what is it?

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wow, not a single vote for unattractive, fuck you SLUTHATE lol


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  • Lol people don't know what to invent these days

    You are fine man, there's nothing wrong with having eyes like that

    • its a crazy site lol, i didn't make an account, just went yesterday night to read there, can't post a screenshot but topics out there are like:

      Discussions on physical attractiveness based on science or real-world evidence. Looksmaxing tips, etc.

      Looks Theory

      A theory which holds that looks matter a lot in dating. Contrast it to PUA advice and the usual "be confident" advice.

      Online Dating Experiments

      Tinder experiments, OKCupid experiments and PlentyofFish experiments.

      its all a bunch of losers jealous of even remotely attractive men (some of them might actually be themselves if they lifted their sorry asses off the basement) and the women they date. I will confess, i asked this because i got a little insecure but it was mostly to prove to myself that looks are basically subjective and there is no predefined standard.

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    • and yeah, certainly never going there again lol, actually me and 2 of my friends were browsing together and having a good laugh XD

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  • If the guys are white or maybe black then girls will like it on them.

    • the last guy is indian and marcello alvarez is a Spanish model, u mention this race thing everytime, just stop already

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    • and by the way, the second guy is an instagram model, he is hispanic with a tan like you, just better skin because of better fitness and maintanence, he has normal features too and now the most important thing, he is 5'6'', yes, not joking, he probably should have ended his life but guess what, he got athletic (not buff to confirm) and decently jacked to a low body fat and is social and gets out there so he is the guy all the men are jealous of

    • and no he is not super famous or super wealthy like hollywood and bollywood heartthrobs

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What Girls Said 2

  • wow that 2nd marcelo is hot af.

    • He is an instagram model, my nose and eyes are the same, even my jaw, is ot a good combination?

  • They are all studs

    • so nice eyes?

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    • yeah, but apparently, hooded eyes are the only good eyes on men while the ones i posted in the question are ugly eyes lol

    • I don't think their ugly at all

What Guys Said 4

  • Those types of eyes look good

  • Not a crime to have dark brown eyes 😂😂 Instead many people bug me of my different colored eyes. One is light brown and the other is hazel colored I don't know if they bug me because its weird or its actually attractive. So yeah color does not determine if your attractive or not.👍

    • its not about eye colour, but eye shape

  • wow they don't know wtf they're talking about

    I got the same eyes too... actually maybe bigger and darker

    • mine's a wee bit smaller than yours maybe, i never really thought about it, but acc to those guys, if u dont have a jaw like matt bomer, eyes like nick bateman etc etc, ur life is basically finished, they got me a little insecure tbh, so i asked this, u have hispanic/ turkish roots?

    • man they're full of shit, just relax. and yea I got hispanic and italian roots

      I'm proud of my dark AF eyes and you should be too

    • those guys are losers with nothing better to do in life, acc to them, the defining factors of a man are whether he is over or under 6' tall, he gets girls on tinder or not, how many girls he has sex with etc, maybe many of those guys could get some and have potential as any of the random men whose pics they post like faggots and hate on if they got out of their rooms. I wasn't crazy enough to make an account there but i did spend 3 hrs last night night and read everything in the forums.

  • my best feature is my eyes

    • and whats your eye colour and shape, if i might ask?

    • almond shape, brown.

    • i have same as you (i am not sure but i think the guys in the pics have it like that too), i always saw them as fine too lol

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