Girls, Would you find it weird?

If a guy closely trims his upper chest hair so that it looks normal while wearing shirt, trims his arms to look normal while wearing half sleeves shirts and trims lower legs but leave the rest of torso, thighs and upper arms naturally with lot of hairs on it?

If he dates you and he removes his clothes would it look funny and weird?

How would you deal with pathcy hairiness and pathcy stublly growth?


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  • I wouldn't like it


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  • That's really fucking weird. Do not do that.

  • I would find it odd if only you shaved those areas that show doesn't make sense to be honest then the rest of your body is hairy as f*** I wouldn't care though kinda seems like common sense though you don't like the hair get rid of it all stop being lazy unless is a specific reason why you're not doing it

    • Leave everything hairy as fuck? Then? :/

  • the thing is why wouldn't you trim it all, isn't it better? and yeah it's kinda weird to me

    • Yeah yeah surely trim ALL is better for sure.

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    • aw~ don't worry maybe you could try going to the "beautician" i don't even know how you call it in English tho ^^' to... get waxed, does this scare you? coz i saw that men do it a lot nowadays :3

    • No it didn't scare me, lol, but yeah it is hella painful esp on the front torso, lucky girls they don't ever need to wax that, lol, why are girls lucky in terms of beauty? ;)
      So, you like that kinda beards but hate chest and body hair?

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