Kpop Girl series #7 Tiffany: How beautiful do you think this girl is?

Today Tiffany from Girl's Generation.

Kpop Girl series #7 Tiffany: How beautiful do you think this girl is?

  • I don't find Asian women attractive in general/see results
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  • She is very nice but I must admit I preferred 5 and 6.


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What Girls Said 1

  • can you do a twice member next, they're all so beautiful

    • I already made a list for a youtube video I was going to makeof the kpop idols I found the most attractive and I'm working through the list now so to speak :). I do take requests but if your request is not on my list I'll add it at the end sry ;(. Do you want to request a specific member of twice or do you want me to decide for myself? I didn't really consider Twice when I made my list because they had just debuted and they're quite young, but I can look into them if you want me to and pick who I like the best. You decide.

    • i was thinking Tzuyu or Nayeon

    • Ok I wrote it down but it might will take ten days if I post one of these every day for me to get to your request and I might not do one every day because I have stuff to do so it might take 2 weeks sry ;(. Hope it's not too long.

What Guys Said 3

  • You really like your Korean idols, don't you?

    • Not all of them but some yes :). Originally I was going to make a youtube video with the most attractive kpop idols according to me but there's a lot of shit I have to do before that's possible. So when I started to on this site I just thought I'd share the list I already made on here and see what people's reaction would be. Also expose those who don't know anything about Korea to something new, maybe they'll be interested. People have reacted positively so far in general so I just keep going ;). I have 15 girls on my list and I gt one request that wasn't on my list I'll do her at the end so there's still quite a way to go but if people start getting annoyed I'll stop no problem ;).

    • You're like the Willy Wonka of Korean idol pictures! Do you have an army of singing Oompa Loompas developing photos for you?

    • Nope :). I have google pinterest and adhd, that's almost the same thing ;)

  • Sexy as fuckkk

  • I think I just came in my shorts...

    • Lmao, I don't really know how to respond to that but I'm glad you like her :)

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