I want to change/upgrade my style, what are your thoughts on what I should do?

im linking my instagram for reference pics (ignore the dumb faces haha)
i was thinking of growing the top of my hair out to be longer and go for something that is longer on the top than i already have, thoughts? and for clothes and stuff i have no idea what i should do haha i really want to get into really good style and want to improve everrything in that area haha i need all thoughts/ideas/tips haha thanks a bunch


also if you notice my one side of my jaw being all fuckerd just ignore it haha its a health issue that i plan to get surgery to remove.


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    • aww thanks! haha our friends that were girls wanted to do that before we went out for the night ahah we were on vacations sooo why not!

  • I think your look is good - Change for yourself not anyone else