Kpop Girl series #10 CL+2NE1 Special Entry: How beautiful do you think this Girl is?

Hey I wanted to do something different today, I still kept the structure the same but on top of the usual beauty part I wanted to feature the music today. 2NE1 and CL as a solo artist are my favorites in Kpop so I'll put in some of their performances and music videos, I would love it if you checked them out. CL has a song called Baddest Female and that's pretty much what she is, she's super badass and her energy and stage presence are really amazing. The others in the group are also good performers but she's the leader.

Kpop Girl series #10 CL+2NE1 Special Entry: How beautiful do you think this Girl is?

Here's a slow song just for some change :)

I couldn't put in all the videos I wanted to so if you liked it go check out some more of their stuff by yourself :).

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  • first of all: how dare y'all CL is perfect

    • Everybody has their own preferences don't get too upset :)

    • i'm probably biased because i'm a huge fan, people tend to think familiar faces are more attractive she's a 10+ to me

    • That's why I'm showing people new things. Opening their minds, I'm like Morpheus really ;). All I need is a katana a fully automatic pistol and a cool leather overcoat.

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  • Really pretty. One of the prettier ones you've posted

    • Thanks for stopping by :). I was asleep before, did you like any of the music?

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