Girls, Opinions of my profile pic?

Hi ladies. I never thought I'd do this but I'm curious what your honest opinion is of my profile pic? I have litterally been called everything from "ugly" (to my face) to "gorgeous" to "cute" to "handsome" and I'm curious what the overall opinion is of several women. If you don't find me attractive why or what is it about me? Is it anything I can change? Does being a ginger play into it at all? I know everyone is different, but I've never had a lot of luck with women and I'm curious if my looks have anything to do with it? Maybe the way I dress (generally just a t-shirt and jeans guy)? I'm a quiet guy and I don't have a "deep manly" voice either so maybe all of these come into play? I'm not your typical "tall, dark and handsome" which has been proven is what most women are attracted to. If you want to include a 1-10 rating in comments please do :) Thanks ladies and please be honest.

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  • Cute (and what does this mean? Explain in comments)
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  • Handsome
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  • You're Ok (I'd date you)
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  • You're Ok (but not for me) - please comment
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  • Ugly
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  • It's the hair, ginger men are unattractive to me
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  • Kind of ugly honestly.

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