Does james lafferty have a small face?
Does james lafferty have a small face?

especially in the next pic, his skull actually seems smaller than all the girls

Even chad m murray seems it a bit tbh and james' is even smaller, i have always been told that having a small skull means ur automatically unattractive, but clearly this guy is great looking?

  • His face certainly is kind of small and its unattractive
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  • His face certainly is kind of small and is still attractive
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  • I never really bothered
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  • He has a big face
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my professor says u cannot be good looking if ur face is small


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  • didn't notice.. lol.. I was always busy looking at Chad in one tree hill.. and in this question as well.. xD ;P

    • no way, nathan looks way better lol but anyway, do u think it is a little small?

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    • yes.. guardians of galaxy.. omg.. worth drooling over..

    • lol gigantic baby to stud, he probably has no idea how lucky he actually is

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  • Lmfao that kid putting his face in moms/... Ass (the one with great tits)

    • lol, his face is smaller than his mom's is what i noticed

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  • he's just never been cute to me. Chad was the only one who caught my eye in One Tree Hill

    • he is attractive but he looks very south Asian

    • Nope looks like the All American boy to me

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