Girls, what are your thoughts on guys with skin imperfections?

Personal, I had acne between 17-20 years old and although I treated my skin with the best care possible, the abrasive technique that was used to get rid of it left me with red pores and some minor acne scarring. A lot of people have said my skins fine but I look in the mirror and hate it! In order to try and dress around the issue I have a good body, dress well and have a nice haircut and my personal hygeine is great. But the big issue is my face! It will cost thousands to have laser treatment and the issue puts a huge downer on my self esteem.

So girls, how much of an issue is imperfect skin? To clarify, I don't look like someone's tried blending my face and in photographs it's hardly noticeable. But should it bother me when I believe all my other traits are good?


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  • I think it looks fine, guys with acne or scars I don't like any less than if they didn't have scars or acne


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