Have you been infatuated for a very long time?

I'd been infatuated on my x co-worker before since he's the one who thought everything to me. We've been friends and sometimes he's passing by on the shop to say hi and whats on. Then we've been texting about work and sometimes non-sense til we hangout to eat after my work and his new work. I feel excited that night but it's too short due to have to work early the next day.

Then right after that he's still passing by same routine. Then ask me again through text again to watch movie. Then just watch. And i don't feel excitement at all duting the moment. It's like normal but honestly I feel bore.

does that mean i dont have feelings anymore on him? 😦🤔

The feeling is disappointed because i'm waiting that long to be with him but the feeling is not even enough to make him best buddy. Now I don't know what to feel


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  • Met her when I was 17.
    She was 12.
    Infatuated with her up until she was 23.
    Only moved on because she got married.
    She's 25 this year. Still think about her more than I should. It hurts. I was a very close friend, but she had no interest back. I backed off because, seeing as she knew how I felt, she was uncomfortable with that, now that she was married (despite the fact I acted proper with her, and genuinely like the guy she is married to, so would not do anything to embarrass her/upset him).

    Sorry for long answer.

    • Is that you don't do anything to make fall to you or make something that she will realised that he likes you?

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    • as for your situation? It sounds more like he wants to be just friends, and despite you liking him, you just find that idea to be boring. Just friends isn't what you wanted. So, not that you don't have feelings anymore, just that you're depressed that those feelings won't go anywhere, maybe?

    • I actually feel dissappointed because I thought I will feel the same happy feeling when we're working together. I realised then tht work and personalities are very different. That all I thought on him is not really him. It's like I set expectation to be him but it's not. And it's all my fault because I set an expectation that lead to dissappointment 😖😖 moving forward

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