I feel like I've turned into an ugly freak as I've got older?

I used to be such a pretty, confident, constantly happy little girl. I had beautiful tanned skin, I was really healthy and slim, I could talk to anyone and constantly be happy and likeable.
this all changed when I was about 10 or 11. Puberty started to kick in, I literally got hair ALL over my body, I put on weight, I developed tons of pimples, and I turned into the most socially awkward person you could ever come across!
im now 16, and I feel so fat, my nose seems to have gotten massive as I got older, but it's the whole social thing that I hate the most. I don't know what happened, I was once a very happy, chatty pretty girl. And then I just got all ugly and I come across so shy and awkward when I speak to people! My dad now treats me like shit everyday, he talks to me like dirt. He used to be so lovely to me when I was younger, I was a real daddy's girl. It's like now I'm a teenager he probably just thinks I'm hideous and socially retarded. I hate myself! When I was younger the other kids loved me and the boys had crushes on me and now I'm seen as the ugly friend that only gets strange creepy guys or guys that just want to make out with me and not take me seriously or think I'm interesting or beautiful.
What the hell has happened to me? I've turned into an ugly freak!


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  • Don't let others judge you. its hard and difficult but dont let anyone get you down. it shows how only ugly they are not you.

  • What older
    you're comparing yourself to when you were a kid

    • Yes, I know. But it doesn't change what I'm asking! How could I have turned so gross, but most of all how could my personality have changed so much? I was once a social happy person. Now I'm an awkward, socially incompetent person.

  • You sound like a very intelligent and reflective young woman. The teen years are painful for many people. You are having trouble accepting and using the changes that have come over you, but I'm going to tell you something you're not going to like. Your father has probably changed less than you think. His changes are probably in reaction to how your thinking and feelings have changed. Talk to him. I am sure he wants his little girl back as much as you want to be that girl, but the new emotions you feel have gotten in the way.

    As for the rest of it, your body is going to get better as time and the changes become complete. Try to watch your diet. Work out and take care of yourself. You will be ok.


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