Girls, would you date a guy even similar to me?

I am about 5'10, 180 lbs (a little overweight), dark brown hair (combed to the side), blue eyes, so-so complexion (not perfect, but MUCH better than the stereotypical nerd), walk fast (~4.2mph), am good at schoolwork, a potential engineer, and am the captain of my school's robot club. I am in other clubs, such as a community service club and a leadership club, and I deal with a lot of females, but I am just so socially awkward! With the exception of my friends, I can almost never START a conversation, or keep one going. I have had few decent conversations with females (excluding family members). Girls only really talk to me when they are put in the same group as me in a project (I tend to do the bulk of the work), or when they want a piece of gum (in junior high, my school did not allow gum, so I sold it undercover-I was a bada**!). I can maintain eye contact, but often studder and become clumsy when around females (I've never come close to a relationship). I digress. Do I sound even a bit attractive (please be honest-do not lie in an attempt to make me "feel good")?

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  • Sure l would