Can dark circles make a difference in how the eyes look?

I have round button shaped eyes, i hate them, would literally stab my eyes so they might get squinty level hate them. But i have dark circles too, can getting rid of that give me a shot at being attractive? They look like this but with dark circles
Can dark circles make a difference in how the eyes look?

and like this but dark brown

I mean everything else is fine except for my eyes and i have come to realize u aren't attractive until and unless ur actually ridiculously attractive for the real world (like there are hideous, ugly and fat looking people all around but those people are ignored and what is average among them is ugly when it comes to dating and what is ridiculously hot among them is average man and woman at the same), is it really that bad? I mean my face shape and all is nothing like them, only the darn eyes, and i can get of dark circles over time easily but will it always be bad?

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so should i just kill myself then? i have always been unpopular and never had any attention, let alone from girls and now i know thats not going to change, so why should i even be alive?


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  • No you shouldn't kill yourself. So getting attention is the only reason to be alive according to you? Maybe try relaxing your face so your eyes get a sleepy look