Do I have ugly looking eyes?

Do i have ugly looking eyes?
Ignore the dark circles, these are my eyes in the natural state, i have an insecurity that i have very ugly looking eyes. So what is it? Also tell me in comments, whats the shape and if my eyebrows are an issue and how to resolve. i dont know how to groom stuff. I pretty much gave up hope on ever looking good because i think i have shit bug looking eyes

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some votes please? I really need to know
tell me some male celebs who have similar eyes, i want to know if there is anyone who can be good looking with eyes like mine


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  • They're normal and even

    • am i safe to assume johnny depp and zayn malik have similar eyes?

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    • Take like a mm off the bottom

    • s-media-cache-ak0[dot]pinimg[dot]com/236x/98/b9/40/98b9404abef988a9347d89478ab90e2f. jpg

      and here are zayn's natural eye shape and probably still more conscious than i was in the pic, i know it doesn't really matter but i just stumbled upon this pic and remembered this question

  • normal

    • can't post a link but am i safe to assume johnny depp and zayn malik have similar eye shape? i know they have it big and brown too but i dont know how to assess all this. Is my case as extreme as elijah wood's wherein it seems like it will just pop out?

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