Why do my female coworkers say this?

They must be on crack or trying to take digs.
They tell me Im skinny.
I work in cosmetics so its very superficial and they all talk about diets and crap.
I am not obese o rnothing but I have a 27 inch waist and 43 inch hips. Kim Kardashian is a 40 inch hips and 26 inch waist!
unless Im being compared to obese people.. Im in no way thin.
It bothers me because I have tried for years to gain weight, because I was always very busty but thin on the bottom. I wore a size 00 in jeans. Now I am 43 inches in hips. I dont think thats anywehre near fat but its not thin either.
Do you think they are trying to take digs at me?


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  • Ignore them. Probably just trying to get to you and it's working.


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  • They sound like they are being passive aggressive. You should tell them that your body is personal matters, and personal matters have no business being discussed at work.


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  • Since when is telling someone they're skinny a bad thing?
    Unless she told you to gain weight and you're "too" skinny then it really doesn't matter.

    Even if that wasn't the case, I'm sure in your 30+ years of living you came to the realization that a lot of women are competitive and try to being other women down.

    • Nothing wrong at all with being thin!!! I find that lovely!!! but I am not thin. If having a 43 inch hips is thin than people who have a 35 inch hips are what? anorexic?

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    • I think there is something mentally wrong with a person who blurts out rude comments or has to constantly compete.
      Like I said, I work in a toxic environment.

    • Okay so we've established that there is something mentally wrong with your coworkers and you work in a toxic environment.

      Either move on, report their comment to HR, or quit and find a new job.
      You're a grown woman, you can't wear your heart on your sleeve.

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