Want to rate my body?

BRB 27 inch waist
BRB huge broad shoulders
BRB thick chest
BRB ridiculously large tree trunks for legs.
BRB look at how the sunlight from the window shines on my beautifully sculpted quad.
BRB proportions of a greek god

But srs.. Good tinder shot? Tinder version will have my profile.Want to rate my body?

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  • You look chubby

    • Really? lol I was like 13% here at most.

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    • Lol I actually had an old account here and people thought I was frauding when I was talking about all the girls I was smashing. Started writing shit on them lol. Add me on snap. fuckingyes.21 I'll show you more. I see it ALL THE TIME.. @consultantisback this guy does too. Women are intimidated by aesthetic physiques. By no means am I TOO big there. Like where can you pinpoint ANY fat on my body there?

    • See that part on the whole picture? That's where you're fat. Also, thanks for MHO! 😜😂😂

Most Helpful Guy

  • Omg I just cummed at work
    What do now?

    Lol this didn't show up in my notifications idt.. Gag is trying to sabotage us ❤


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