The worth of my life lies in physical appeal and hence I can never be happy?

As long as i look at the level of these guys, i dont see the point of living and think i should just kill myself
The worth of my life lies in physical appeal and hence i can never be happy?

Hell, my face shape is the same as the last 3 guys but my eyes and nose are so pathetic that those guys come to being a 10 and me to being a 4 at best and there is no amount of surgery that can actually be effective, it only fucks up the face even more so no matter what i do, if i lose some more weight, lower body fat percentage etc i'll always look like total shit which is why i dont see the point of living. Lets be honest, if u dont look as good as these guys, ur only a second choice to woman after she's sucked off 10 diff people before you. I used tinder for a week, all i got was one like from a shit looking tranny. Being me, i could be a top ceo and still be married to some crack addict fugly woman or even worse, die alone with noone to give a fuck. On top of that i'm only 5'10-5'11'' in height, why should i bother to live?

I have been told u can compensate with personality but i think thats BS, my dad has a great stable career but he looks as pathetic as me (i have his face basically), my mom is ridiculously gorgeous and she said it was never physical attraction that led her to like my dad even one bit and it was maiinly because he had a stable career and she nearly cheated on him once too so no matter what, my dad is less of a human after 25 years of hardwork and being 8hrs a day at the office which not one of those bastards above could do and would die with 10 min of sheer hardwork. So whats the point of living

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and tbh, i see people looking at that level or close all the time when i am just walking around, so in a random college in india, there are people who look this good so obviously in a world scenario i am as good as dead since indians are the worst looking people , so why should i love my life at all
i need some responses, i am going to decide whether to live or die based on this question's responses, if i can get strong justifications, i might consider not to drink this bottle of toilet cleaner srs


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  • Polygamy is prohibited in many countries, these guys can only marry 1 woman each, so you got 3.5billion -4 women left for you. I don't see a problem

    • Other women would have fucked these guys before they came to me and i would get the same treatment as dad

    • Google "nick bateman bug eyes" and look at thr first gif, thats his natural non squinting eyes, then look at my other question and look at my eyes, are they about the same shape? I have every feature on point but my eyes make me bad looking. Also is my eye shape like the first guy? I could always get green contacts and fake it

    • could u please do this? i really need to know if i have any hope, i can't breathe happily till i am good looking its that bad

  • Yep, you should just end it


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  • Maybe that chip on your shoulder is uglier than your physical appearance. How can a person love a person who doesn't even love himself? ‚úč humble yourself!

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