Hairy guys, how do you personally feel about your hairs?

Do you dislike being so hairy?

Ever got dumped or repulsed women?

  • I am very hairy. And hate it :'(
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  • I am very hairy and am OK
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  • I am very hairy and love it, actually
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One girl choose option "c" wow
Who are you madam :D


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  • I used to shave a lot. But my woman wanted for me to leave it be, so now I see how hairy I really am. It's not like a gorilla hairy but it's a lot. At least my hair color is in between ginger and blond, so I look like human gold. Lmfao

    • You personally now feel better?
      The woman is hair lover? Anything on back of shoulders?

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    • Lol I don't mind it. It makes me look my age, and no I don't feel too hairy. I feel better about myself because I actually look like a man not a boy when I look into the mirror.

    • but having hairs even on shoulders and / or upper back in addition to chest isn't nice to view , no?

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  • I am not very hairy but my dad and his dad seem hairy to me. Maybe I will naturally end up like them. I don't want to be hairy. Think it's unattractive. No one has ever said (at least not to me) about me being too hairy. So, guess I'm okay for now.

    • Yeah for now you ain't hairy, as you say