Is this girl pretty? How would you rate her?
How does she look? How would describe her? How would you rate her on a 1-10 scale?

Anymore opinions on this girl?


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  • She is a 5, but only because I gave her extra points for speaking French.

    • I think she deserves at least a 7, although I will give her a 9.

    • Not even close.

      But if you don't want to take the advice of what other people think, then why did you ask?

    • I am just asking what others think and say what I think.
      Advice? Advice for what? This is even not an advice, just an opinion.

  • She's cute. 7/10 at least.

    • Would you date her if you have chance?

    • Oui. Si j'ai été une chance. (Yes. If I have the chance.)
      Of course. She'd probably laugh me out of her sight for even trying.