Girls, from the profile pic does it look like I have a girlfriend?

If you saw me in your class or somewhere what would you think? I don't talk to people much I usually sit by myself and I'm a quiet person. From my looks would you think that I have been or still is in a relationship. I know its a awkward question just curious.


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  • Hmm no I don't think you're in a relationship currently (based on your profile picture) and I only think you've ever had one girlfriend. But that must of been ages ago.

    • Lol you're right about the first one and almost right on the second guess. I never had a relationship. Is this a guess or does the expression or look give it right away? :D I'm just wondering how

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      Lol it wasn't that hard assuming it since I already in someway gave the answer. Still thanks though :)

    • Hah yeah, and no problem!