Please give your opinion?

please give your opinion?

i may not be the skinniest or the sexiest, but thatis not an issue for me. i see plenty rate me an give me your opinions and decided to give it a shot for the fun of it. check the whole package and the crotch as well. give me your opinion as well as rate if you like. poor quality pictures but that was best i could do.


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  • JFC Pull up your pants and fix your shirt. You are an adult man. You are an adult man in a public restroom taking pictures with your pants down to put on the *internet*. You need to take a hard look at your life decisions and decide if this is REALLY where you want to be at freaking *forty-one*.

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    • still avoiding my question. . . .

    • Still being insecure and making bad decisions...

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  • Guy! Use a tag that let's people know you're showing off your little Lincoln log. You're too old for that crap, smdh... I threw up a little.


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  • Oh for goodness sake, my not whip out your tallywhacker and wave it about like a monkey at the zoo, you're obviously dying to. Pull yer breeks up and man up a bit. You're like a creepy flasher, all that's missing is a manky raincoat..

    This is isn't the place to be asking people to be looking at your crotch there are bloody kids on here you revolting man

  • Are those knickers you're wearing?

    • haven't heard that word in a long time. no, they are underpants, just pulled down slightly.

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