Kpop Girl series #12 Jimin: How beautiful do you think this girl is?

Kpop Girl series #12 Jimin: How beautiful do you think this girl is ?

Jimin is actually the leader of Ace of Angels but a lot of people don't seem to like her that much. Some people find her voice annoying but I don't really mind it because you can tell she's giving it her all :). She's kind of unique because she's badass and cute which is a combination you don't really see ever lol.

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I have to bump again because I feel bad for Jimin ;(


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  • She's cute too, I really like Korean clothes, they are just so cute ^^

    • Are you into Kpop or korean dramas? You can see more there if you like :)

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    • What's your favorite Kpop group? :)

    • Yes, he have a lot of romantic stuff but i think it's really cute. I watch "100 days with mr arrogant" and it's really funny :)
      My favorite Kpop group is DJ DOC (that's an old group) and BTS. I don't know so much group, I like to listen to Mix too ^^

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  • 5. Too boyish. I like Asian girls. And there are some very hot Korean girls. She is not one.

    • Np I'm going for variety ;). You can check out my other questions if you want andsee if you like any of the others I did.