What makes her more attractive than me? Is race really a big deal?

What makes my friend prettier and always approached when we go out and me always in the shadows alone and depressed
What's wrong with my face? Is it because I am black and she's white?


Her: imgurcomatx9E5

Me: imgurcomaNvTLm

In the first picture my cleavage is out--but I don't dress like that everyday.
If you actually scroll down there are other pictures.

I have no problem admitting when I think a girl is super attractive.
But I don't understand why everyone thinks she's better than me.
If I had the acne she had all over, guys would stay even clearer from me.
I think acne is sad, but I am doing it to prove a point.

I have another friend who's black she has
cute features but guys don't find her attractive because of her acne.
It's almost as if I would have to look perfect for people to actually admit it because I'm black
I know life isn't fair, but how do you come to terms with it?


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  • You are WAY hotter hhd :D the other girl isn't even attractive.. especially in the 1st one. And people really think that SHE is hot? XD

    • I think it's because people WANT to think I am a bitch.
      This one girl said.
      "She has that sexy librarian look to her in the first pic and in the second she almost looks like model material. But you look fake.. like if you took all the makeup off you wouldn't be **** "

      The joke is she is wearing more makeup than I am in every pic. I only wear eyeliner and mascara. She is wearing eyeliner, mascara, foundation, concealer (to cover acne) and lipstick.

      Honestly, I don't contour my face or do any of these tricks... why am I being punished for having more decent skin?

    • This sounds dumb... well, it is... most but people can't stand the thought of someone else being better than them, if a person is really attractive people will almost always assume/ hope that it's artificial because they feel intimated because the other person is better than them in one aspect of life

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  • I'm white and I think your really hot (: I think your more attractive than her

  • so... i'm sorry to call you out... but i just dragged the link to the address bar to add the dots and slashs to find that you've been posting and reposting this same question on a whole load of forums.. what answer are you so desperate to get?
    that's a serious question

    • I don't get why she's cute and pretty and I'm not so I just want someone to tell me why she's prettier

    • i thought i gave a pretty good answer on the previous post you made to GAG.. i think you might just need to leave the internet alone for a bit and chill out.. genuine concerned advice

  • can't see pics.

    • add. after imgur and before com
      and backslashes around the a like this: /a/

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    • If you get a few compliments and reject them, it looks like a case of this s2.quickmeme.com/.../...148d3a493e49462c9d93e3.jpg
      I see a nice smile, smiles are good because the face lights up and the person looks happy.

    • Ok so you can explain how to get the pictures, but you couldn't just do the easy thing and POST A CLICKABLE FUCKING LINK.

  • Like I said on the last post. You look intimidating, she looks more amicable.
    It has nothing to do with race at all... For most of the guys... I can't speak for all of them.

    • I get that. But how does that makes her "prettier" in features?

      Also will you post the links?

    • Except she doesn't look intimidating. So the white girl looks amicable, but the black girl looks intimidating.

  • I think you're prettier than your friend. I've never dated a black girl but you'd be the first. Sometimes the way you carry yourself or act may determine how guys approach you.

  • hun you both look fine calm the hell down

    • I can't.
      I can go out with her. To a store, to a bar anywhere and she gets acknowledged more and more attention.
      I really think it has more to do with race then how we actually look.
      But's it's annoying and insulting.

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    • oh okay :)

    • I'm a ginger.. a gingaminga.. a fire crotch.. whatever... please don't moan about the colour of your skin.. your skin will never peel off or blister or go red or freckle... if anyone will die alone it be me..😀

  • I think you're prettier. Great lips, great eyes, great smile on you.

  • whoa what? you're REALLY pretty I don;t believe you

    • Well look at other posts.
      People like putting me down and saying she looks better.

      But the real reason they think she looks better is because she's white.

    • Well fuck what the people on here say, I don't believe you, you should have your own following of guys hitting on you maybe don't stay so close to your friend, it's not all about looks, maybe her personality just emanates from her like an aura that attracts people in general.

  • Where the pics at?

  • If I were close to you in age...

    I'd assume you were out of my league.

    Your friend looks really good in the second pic, she's okay in first or third. Taking them as a group, you're... quite a bit better looking.

    IMHO you may be blurring two things. You say she gets appoached more. You then, i think, interpret that to mean she's better looking.

    What it actually can mean is that she looks a lot more approachable.

    For a few reasons, non-black guys are much less likely to approach black girls. Some, indeed, don't find them as attractive. Some think black girls don't like non-black guys (and they're sometimes right). And some are just intimidated and think they won't be loud, swaggy, whatever enough for her tastes.

    You're gonna have to make eye contact and smile at guys you're interested in more. They'll need more of a sign that you're receptive to them approaching.


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  • Actually you're better looking than her... even with your out of focus picture.. I glanced a semi second at each picture without registering colour of skin... So to say everyone though is a bit of a misconception on your part...
    She's got frizzy mousy hair, wonky front teeth and just looks meh...

    How do u come to terms with other people? You have to work out for yourself there will always be someone better looking than you.. someone thinner than you and someone with bigger Pertier boobs than you- once you've accepted that you come to terms with it... It's nothing to do with ur race at all it's more to do with ur insecurities as a person that's something u need to work on deary

    Sucks being a female huh...

  • Can't see the pictures. I guess it would be whoever has the prettiest face or body.

    • Raggamon posted the pictures in his comments.
      Please look at them.

    • Oh I see. You're quite gorgeous!! You're a million times better looking than the other girl objectively (not because of your race). I think men might find her personality better or her just less intimidating. The problem with being pretty from what I know is that men usually don't approach or they just want to hit and quit.

  • you're more attractive in my opinion

  • F**k guys and care about yourself is not because of your skin 😇😘

  • I think you guys are both hot, but you've got a bit of resting bitch face coupled with the fact that many people stereotype black women to be loud and agressive and white women to be more submissive.

    • If I wore glasses in my first picture like her and was in the exact same pose, I get the feeling everyone would think she's better looking by virtue of being white.

    • Nah, it's not that black skin is less attractive, it's the stigma that comes with black skin. People automatically assume a black women to be more aggressive and more likely to be combative. Black men at my work have said shit like this and i've even seen videos on YouTube where black men dog on black women.

      You have a more sexy fierce look while she has a cute/nerdy look.

      White women are not as glorified as they used to be, the most desirable look now a days seems to be a kim kardashian kind of look, that Spanish or meditranian look. Naturally tan skin, dark eyes, big lips, thick dark hair, curvy. Black women are closer to this ideal than white women. I'm not saying white women can't be curvy or naturally tan because they can, but for the most part white girls have flat bums, thin lips and are pale.