Girls, pray tell what do you think about guys like me?

Please read the following description and give your opinion.

-176 cm in height, high physical strength, slightly visible abs, in good shape (bit skinny), good looks (please check the avatar pic)

-weird, quiet, very rarely smiles, loner, a bit sarcastic, antisocial, too aggressive, brutal with words but (usually) honest
My classmates usually avoid me and have named me 'The Antagonist'.

- Grade A in all except maths, badminton player (ranked 2nd in PE test as the soccer guys were the the fastest in race), I know tai chi and a bit of karate.

-Teachers find me rude, aggressive and cocky. I have only one buddy and he too is much like me. I am an Indian

All the details are honest (exaggeration will not do me any good).
Please elaborate your opinions.


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  • I have seen guys like you. Honestly i would feel u r arrogant and too proud of urself. And sorry but i would not want to be friends with you. I dont trust people who dont smile. But thats just me.
    ur question was honest and so was my answer.

    • Then tell me, what can I do to make people NOT run away? I have tried approaching again and again, politely, and yet they still treated me like an alien.

    • by the way I never used the word 'never', used 'very rarely'.

    • I would think that u r too proud of urself, so maybe try to respect other people. Dont treat them as if they are nothing. Other people are also good in some other areas of life. Try to find them out.
      And thats just my opinion.

  • You sound like an asshole from your description. That doesn't bode well for your dating prospects.

  • You sound like a very horrible person to know. Hence why your classmates avoid you and dislike you.

    • I try to be polite to anyone who approaches me, unless they annoy the hell outta me.

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    • They started calling me by that weird name. I could never find out why, probably the kids learned a new word in the English classes.
      I wasn't like this a while ago.

    • But you say yourself you're rude and aggressive too, so even if you forget the antagonistic part, who enjoys being around people who are so aggressive and things like that? People like nice people, people like people who are easy to get along with. Friendships are enjoyable, they aren't hard work, and a friendship with you sounds like it could be very hard work.