Why do people online think I look fake compared to her and thus think she's more attractive? Or is it a racial excuse?

I was trying to figure out why guys approach my friend at bars and not me?

Then people online started getting mad and saying I look "fake"
Is it just an excuse to say that she's more attractive because she is white?

People assume I am wearing a lot of makaeup but really I am only wearing eyeliner and mascara.
She on the other hand is wearing mascara, foundation, concealer and eyeshadow and eyeliner.

I take care of my skin, since it's the only skin that we get, I don't see how that is being used against me? I don't contour my face either... that's just how my face looks

So why do people think I am fake? And even guys say "oh well you use more makeup than her so it doesn't count"--which isn't at all true. In the first picture I hardly have makeup on, in all of them I don't have any foundation and concealer on.

Is it because from the pictures people think I am a *itch? And therefore rate me lower?




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  • Well, I can't see a photo of you guys so I don't know. But maybe you do look fake? Or maybe you are going to a place with mostly white people, and they are usually afraid to hit on black girls (I am just assuming).

    I wouldn't though. I love black girls and they love me so it works out. Send me a pic and I will let you know if you look fake.

    • message me please.

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    • Ok, I figured out the image thing. Damn girl... You are sexy as hell... I don't know why you are so worried about this. I would definitely approach you, especially if no one else was.

      My guess is they are scared either because you are too hot, or they don't know how to approach black girls. You are just my type though, hit me up sometime!

    • definitely hotter than your friend by the way.

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  • like i said on the other one, it's because people hate to admit tthat someone else is hotter than them

    • What do you mean?

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    • I think it's the whole Emma Wayson Megan Fox thing.
      For some reason when it comes to just looks alone people choose Emma Watson because they think she's nicer and that Megan's a bitch.

      But pre-plastic surgery Megan IS prettier/hotter/more attractive than Emma Watson. People just assume people's personalities by how they look.

    • yeah I totally get what you mean, it's insane

  • No you are making it into a racial thing. Stop.
    Sound like the people you hangout with are immature

    • Well people think she looks better not because of her features but because she looks friendlier--that's NOT the same thing.

      Someone might look more attractive but they are not looking at facial features

  • i think she's better looking but thats just me sorry if it hurts you asked tho

    • well everyone else said the other way around so I'm not going to get mad at one opinion

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    • well then admit it's YOUR opinion.

      And we'll leave it at that.
      Not everyone thinks she's better. Nor MOST.
      Stop acting like everyone agrees with you then. That's what's pissing me off.

    • no fuck off ill not give you that I've said that many times now i refuse to say it again

  • You are much prettier/hotter than she is.
    You shouldn't worry.

    I'm being honest, I don't see how someone could see differently.


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