Do ridiculously good looking people usually lack charisma?

I am talking about people who have literally got every perfect feature known to mankind. The level above men like nick bateman and francisco lachowski and women like mila kunis and scarlett johannsen

Do ridiculously good looking people usually lack charisma?

So arguably there is literally no flaw you can point out in all the people above but they never seem to stand out as much as people who are great looking but not perfect like them.

to prove my point, here are the people who were acknowledged with them in each of the movies they did when they shared the same screen as them:

I mean of course, even the latter are very beautiful people but marginally less than the former, and in all cases, they had similar heights and builds. From what i have noticed, its something like these people exist, when they get in everybody is in awe for like a minute and soon their presence is forgotten but if ur not too perfect, u get considerably more ahead.

Am i right to think there is a thing as being too perfect?

  • Yes, too much perfection can be intimidating and hence appreciated less
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  • You know hot people are just people too, right? They're not robots or aliens...

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