First things that come to mind?

First things that come to mind?

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I'm surprised no one posted player, cheater, or liar, it's what women always assume.
Yeah as long as I don't talk much wouldn't want to stimulate them intellectually or the blood goes the wrong way. Not always the best looking girls, good looking girls want to be better looking than the guy they're with it's like chubby drunk college girls who don't give a damn and just wanna get laid and homie don't play like that.


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  • "Must punch."

    • I get guys trying to fight me everywhere I go, every time I go out.

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    • LOL Legal pot would end violence.

    • I happen to recall a statistic that said crime was coming down. Don't quote me on it but I firmly believe the road to world peace is paved in green.

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  • I want to rip off his face and wear it as a mask

    • So you can escape from a high security prison or strike fear into your next opponent in the pit?

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    • I have heard girls tend to try to hookup with guys who are more attractive but then for relationships usually they are with guys who are less attractive.

      You must have typed it in the wrong textbox. Its happened to me before too.

      So do you genuinely wish you were less attractive?

    • It's true girls will use the shit out of me but never want a relationship.

  • Handsome hunk.