Can I assume through this I am good looking?

I just used one or 2 shittie selfies i took at night 11 pm with my 5mp cam and put it on tinder and was kinda choosy when it came to right swapping (looks yeah, but i read the about me too) so overall i must have right swiped about 30 girls, about me, i wrote complete nonsense and i still managed to get 2 matches, one must be a 5/10 other a 6.5/10. Based on this can i assume i am good looking and if i start grooming myself and take good quality pics with friends and all, i can be super attractive to women?

  • yes, it means you are good looking
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  • This happens with even the worst looking guys
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votes and opinions? I want to know if there is hope
tell me if i am right to think so?


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  • Can we c a pic of u?

    • absolutely not

    • but i'll be honest here, i have every feature to easily be an 8/10 but my eyes are kind of plain and brown and that can considerably reduce the appeal of a man so i am a 5 at best because of that, now i could always get one of those coloured contacts or a plastic surgery to shape them up but that would just be fuckery to a different level and i am not THAT insecure

What Guys Said 1

  • It's ridiculous to expect this poll to be useful to you without posting a picture.
    You can't use this poll to figure out if there's hope or not...
    But try to take good quality photos and see if it works for you :)