Is it just me or just LOL at nick bateman when he is all natural?

His natural eyes lolIs it just me or LOL at nick bateman when he is not maximizing his looks?
I mean i really dont get what the hype about this guy is tbh, how could be even compare to top male models like francisco lachowski and david gandy without his beard, lighting and squinting game?
Is it just me or just LOL at nick bateman when he is all natural?

Maybe its just me but he is just another handsome white guy without all the effort. I mean this can't be genetic blessing. He's just one of us bug eyed, weak jawed creatures.

This is genetic blessing,

Tbh, my intention here isn't to put nick bateman down but to make standards a little less unrealistic as they seem on social media.

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and lol, u probably haven't seen in him hobo with a shotgun, u won't even recognise him


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  • I actually like him more at the first picture than a professional picture. Beards make almost everyone hotter in my opinion and he does has a nice jawline. Better than Francisco Lachowski with his baby face. I've always liked a more manly face. Strong eyebrows, jawline, beard and more mature looking. That's why I don't really like models like Francisco.

    • he is also babyfaced without the beard, maybe worse than lachowski and i mean yeah he is of course good looking no denying that but how is he ridiculously good looking i dont get it,

    • and how does a guy with abominable big dark eyes like that ever be considered model level, especially a white guy

    • I don't think he has a baby face. With or without beard (although a beard makes him hotter). I think his eyes make him look like a nice person. Also very important to look attractive.
      But attractiveness is very subjective. About 50% of someone's attractiveness is decided by personal taste.

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  • I lolled at bug eyed.

  • Did not read

    • crux is he is no better than the average guy without maximizing his looks

    • ok he is still much better than the average guy but no more than everyday handsome if i go by the pics of him without all the faggot grooming