Is the Rock to ripped?

Is the Rock to ripped?
Girls are always saying you can be too ripped or too buff and that gets in the way of my fitness motivation. So this is my question. DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'!

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any more answers
i want more women to say something in the opinion box


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  • Depends on the chick. Some dig it, some don't. I hear a lot of girls say they don't like the bodybuilder type physique and huge muscles, and that they prefer lean, slender, and toned, such as the bodies of swimmers. That said, usually when I see a big yoked up dude, he usually has a pretty decent looking chick with him, so some girls definitely like it.

    • i was thinking about the "big yoked up dude" part because girls always say i dont like that but the baddest chicks be are at the gym a lot. Girls also say they like manly hands, forearms, and backs and they have these traits. I guess they hate to think that they like it but in reality it is irresistible. (can a girl respond to this comment too)

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    • Well there you have it. If you want a piece of @Smmyskittles , you'd better be diesel­čśť

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  • He's a fuckin MOUNTAIN! haha I love Dwyane Johnson
    I mean the guy is half Black, half Samoan. Hence being 6'5" and godly genetics to be built like a tank. That's his "brand", his image, leads to some acting roles and it's done well for him. He's a great example of fitness.

  • Aesthetically I think he's too big. Also when I consider the amount of work he has to put in as well as the diet required to maintain that physique it just doesn't seem worth it.

    Id rather have an athletic build, its more functional. With a smaller build you can do a wider range of activities. The Rock is mainly good at lifting heavy wieghts. Id rather be one of those guys who play most sports, run really fast and do flips.

  • this picture doesn't show how ripped he is

    • it depends on when he takes pic because he is always very muscular and ripped but sometimes he isn't so "defined" but always good.

    • oh i definitely know he is ripped as shit when they catch his good angle

  • Crazy physique, genetics/hard hard work, beast