Is it true that people on here would rate u better when ur ugly and equally when you're pretty?

I'm a little disappointed on how people here are not rating with an honest opinion and care about self-esteem issues. I'm here to get a rate not for u to help me with self-esteem issues, I'm already over it that's why I'm posting my pics on here to see an honest opinion not to medicate me. Whatever this site sucks. u guys are not helping at all.

  • because we think it will hurt you:P
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  • makes me look bad to others commenting
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  • i like making people feel good about themselves, it's my job here
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  • NAh I'm always honest, i don't even know this person and why would i lie?
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  • it hurts me so i do it
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  • Are you calling me a liar?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I feel that if you put a disclaimer for people they'll probably answer more honest as opposed to not because they know they'll help you and not you self-esteem

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