Why is nappy hair too ugly?

So I was online and I saw girls with such beautiful hair. Their hair was perfect. But their hair was curly. And i have nappy hair. And people tell me pretty much all the time ( black people) nappy hair is ugly and it's something to be greatly ashamed off. My mom says I can't do pony tales, black girls at school talk about how ugly my hair texture is. And I can't do anything to it because it's too ugly. People are being praised on how beautiful they are and us black giros are ignored and people are like eww your hair is disgusting. Which is what black people promote and say is the truth. I can't go out with my real hair without a black girl telling me my hair is too ugly to be wearing.

I am saying that we embrace white people and curly hair but we reject and put down girls
Who have nappy hair, it's always too ugly. Or black hair is just too ugly and shouldn't be seen. Black people as a whole teaches their kid that black people are ugly and are bad, and white people are angels and are flawless. Is that I'm saying. why is it like this?


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  • First off I want to say to you that I am sorry that people are being so rude to you! You sound like such a nice person!

    I think your hair sounds beautiful! I know I can't really relate to you because I am a white woman with blonde hair. But I think what people are saying to you is ridiculous! I wish we could learn to support people and their individuality versus cutting them down.

    The only thing I can think of as a reason why they are saying these things probably comes down to racism. Unfortunately we still live in a society where people of colour are discriminated against. They are overlooked for jobs, put in prisons far more often and face a number of unfair disadvantages in society.

    With all of this racism and discrimination, it's no surprise that people have started to hate themselves and features which are not what we see on tv. People of colour are still not widely represented on television or in the media. Not as much as white people.

    So some of these people are probably putting you down because they for some reason feel bad about themselves due to all of the bad messages they have received growing up. They are also faced with the fact that if they do not assimilate (ie. chemically straightening hair, wearing wigs, etc) that they will be discriminated against by society. So I think that's where it also comes from.

    But I want to tell you that You are beautiful! And you're hair is beautiful! No matter what anyone else says, please do not take it to heart! There is nothing more beautiful than a person embracing who they are and what makes them unique.

    Someone who is unafraid to go with their natural selves, whether that means going without makeup or not dying their hair, or even wearing their natural hair.

    Here's a great article that explains why this happens: everydayfeminism.com/.../

    I think if you want to wear your natural hair, you should do so! There is nothing wrong with it! I hope that society starts to appreciate things like this more and stop with the hate. It's not cool to hate on someone for what they were born with!

    • Thanks! I hope this helps!

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  • I have no idea what nappy hair is but I'm sure that you look awesome anyway. Just wear your hair how you like it and everything is cool :)

  • Your hair is beautiful. People need to open their minds beyond what the media tells them.

  • I think it's natural to want the type of hair you don't have. I have wavy hair, and I hate it. I can't brush it when it's dry or it gets really frizzy. I want straight hair. We all need to remember that we are all beautiful the way we are.