Kpop Girl series poll: Who is your favorite?

A commenter said I should do a poll at the end so people could vote for their favorite. I got some requests but I think if I did those first it would be too crowded (it already kinda is) so I'll do the poll now and the requests after. If you need more information to make your decision you can check out the original questions here:
FML only 10 pictures allowed, I put in 10 pictures and 5 videos and gave of the least popular girls from the previous questions neither, you can still look them up with the original question if you want.
Since GAG Doesn't allow this many poll options either I'll do a STRAWPOLL here:
1. Girl's Day Minah

2. 4Minute Hyuna

3. Hello Venus Seoyoung

4. Girl's Generation Taeyeon
Kpop Girl series poll: Who is your favorite ?

5. Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In

6. AOA Choa

7. Girl's Generation Tiffany

8. Secret Hyoseong

9. AOA Hyejeong
10. 2NE1 CL

11. Miss A Suzy

12. AOA Jimin

13. 9Muses Sojin

14. T-ara Qri

15. Girl's Generation Sunny

16. AOA Seolhyun

17. Girl's Generation Seohyun

Ok ignore the strawpoll and just comment who your favorite is, should have thought of that earlier T. T


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  • i can't pick lol.

    • Well it's hard to decide from just 1 picture thats why I posted the link to my other questions. I thought it was a good idea to have a poll at the end but 17 seems to be to high of a number for this site so it's a bit minimalistic ;P.

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  • What in the world is KPop? Never heard of such a thing. Looks like a bunch of Korean chicks, so I assume it's Korean pop music? I hate most American pop music, so I'm sure pop in a language I can't even speak isn't for me. If you're just asking who looks best, I like that Secret Hyoseong chick, and maybe the Miss Suzy one.

    • Yes it's korean pop, I hate most American pop music aswell but for some reason I don't hate korean pop. One of the things that annoy me in western pop are the stuoid lyrics an since I don't understand korean either I don't have to deal with those in Kpop. And the dance choreographies & music videos often are pretty great. Plus Kpop isn't really one genre they have all kinds of music so most people can find something they like. I'm not trying to sell you though if you don't wanna check it out that's totally fine :)

  • If not for the hairstyles I would be confused who is who. I am not a racist so shut the fuck up.

    • That's because your brain learned to differenciate caucasian feautures when you were a kid and not Asian ones. Asian people also have difficulty telling white people apart. It goes away after a while if you look at a bunch of different Asian people, it's not racist it's just lack of practise lol :). And the Kpop Idols change their hair and clothes a lot so you can't go by those things it forces you to learn their faces. Height helps a lot too.

    • I was joking. The asker speaks the truth of the matter.

  • number 11