How Do I Deal that My Older Sister is taller than me?

When my mom happily shows selfies of my sister and I on her phone, people say that my sister and I are equally very beautiful, but she is taller than me. Every one says that being tall for a girl is pretty besides having a pretty face and thin body. Last year, three ladies from the modelling agency saw me at the mall in the same day and asked me if I could sign up to become a model. I told them that I am too short and not very pretty. They told me that I could be a petite model since one of them told me that I have a body and face of a model. I never applied. I would really feel bad when I get ignored by the modelling agency when they see me the next time. I am hoping to become a writer and not a model or supermodel. My family members look like they favor my older sister and wonder why I am the only younger sibling who came out shorter than my older sister. Is being short an unattractive quality for me.


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  • Good height s crucial in modelling... r u sure they were real model agency or fake setup to reel ur money? Have u seen boy meets world where Erick got looted by similar hoax... nothing is wrong with being shorter than ur younger sister... be confident

    • Well, they were probably kidding about me being hot! There is such thing as a petite model. I have actually met a stunning girl in my science class who had been modelling!

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    • Actually you wanna try to be one cz first u said u don't wanna br model... but then u r kinda making signals to try petite modelling
      ... just do what u feel like... at least try

    • I would like to write a book or poem or do something artistic not modelling.

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  • No it's not. You're mom is wrong on this one. I personally love short women. I don't go for tall at all. Some will yes but there are lots of guys that will like you.

    • I am actually not very pretty! My mom is too nice to admit that I am average-looking! I know being short is an advantage, but guys never notice me because I am ugly! Aren't only attracted to pretty girls only? I promise no guy will ever like me nor stare at me hard not for being tall, but for not being pretty! The only ones who do not like me for being short is my mean, arrogant prettier cousin! My Organizational Club members like me for being short. My older sister adores my size and tells me that she wishes to be as short as me.

    • Even if you think you're ugly (again, most women do think they are), there will be some that don't think you are. You are being too hard on yourself. I've been told to my face I'm ugly and I've also been called gorgeous, everyone has different tastes and there are a lot of people in the world.

    • I would not believe that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". If people say you are ugly it is because they either can't stand your success, are jealous of you, or are just rude. Most people who call me ugly are ugly themselves inside out. I even had some people staring at me hard with dirty looks. I would rather get overlooked by guys than for them to stare at me with dirty looks.

  • Maybe you can find solace in the fact that my younger brother is visibly taller than me. Bastard got all the good genes.

    • Women do prefer tall men no matter how ugly or hot he is. Guys make more emphasis on the physical appearance of a woman. People just make a lot of deal on how a woman should look like. Hot guys are really jerks towards me because they not only overlook at me and stare at prettier girls, they think that I am little girl as well because of my height. Yet, guys also stare at girls younger than 18 years old.

  • Oh gosh you no sound adorable. Just because your sister is taller doesn't make you better. And trust me some of us guy prefer shorter women, I know I do. So just happy being yourself your lovely and beautiful. Aim for your dreams and be happy xxx

    • Actually, some people are just nice when they say I am pretty! I am actually average-looking besides being short. I know that the advantage of being short is that random kids would ask me to ride the fast-food indoor playground slide with them every time I go to Chick-fil-A!

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    • Oh well and that's just the ones that you know about that you fancy xxx do you have a particular type of guy you adore xx

    • I am a Christian! I am a recently converted Christian! I can only date Christian guys! I wasn't trying to make guys like me! I only want people, both in person and online to know that short people have their advantages. Because of my tiny height, I attract little children every where I go to play with them in playgrounds in park and fast-food indoor play grounds.

  • You just keep on being you. People come in different heights. If you were meant to be taller then you would be. Find things you do like about yourself and focus on those things.

    • Yeah I am glad I am short because if I were tall I would probably be afraid of heights and then collapsed!

    • I am only 5'4 and like it

    • Yeah, only my arrogant female cousin and some few group of guys are the only ones who are absent-minded to make fun of my height! Every one else talks to me with high-pitched, childish tone of voice to me sometimes. Lots of people both stranger and acquaintance are not critical of my short height!

  • Hey there,

    Height doesn't mean much.
    Don't worry about it :)

    • Yeah! Most people do not care except for this one girl in my paternal extended family that makes issues and some few amount of guys! My face is not good because it is average-looking!

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