Is this as bad as I think it is?

Is this as bad as I think it is?
It's where my hips meet my thighs by the way. Due to fat (I've lost 8.5 lbs with my New diet, so please no lecture on losing weight). Am I just over thinking or is this as unsightly and abnormal to see?

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  • You are going the right way. Don't overthink it. I will explain to you to be careful of these "fad" diets. They work for a while, sometimes for quite a long time, but it becomes harder to maintain the weight loss in time, as the diet becomes tedious, and then people start to forget the diet.

    It is better to start with slight changes in eating habits which you can maintain for all time. I've now lost and maintain over 30lbs in 18 months. I eat far less than I used to because I just don't need so many cals each day.

    Kudos for doing what you are doing!


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  • how are you losing weight? i need to start too but i dont know how :)

    • Google "keto diet". It could be a bit tough, but It's definitely better than like the Mayo diet or similar things

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    • Kiddo you are the real pain in the ass. Go back to sucking your mommy's tits now little baby piece of dog turd.

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  • Can you take a picture at a distance so we can actually see something. It's too hard to tell what we're supposed to be seeing. If we could see it like any other person would see you, then I could offer an opinion.

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    • Ok... so after seeing a better view, I can say you are quite normal, quite fine, and certainly have nothing to worry about. You're in the process of losing weight, which will be good for your health, self-esteem, and appearance; but you already looking better than 50% of the people out there. As far as the question this all started with... there is nothing "unsightly" or "abnormal" in my opinion.
      People always seem to find the worst in themselves and then obsess over it (which is pretty normal). It's good that you want to improve your appearance, and it sounds like you're doing the right things. Just don't let it consume you to where you can't just enjoy your day. I'm telling you that no one is looking at the bad stuff you are. No one can see that.
      Keep doing what you're doing and even you won't be able to see it.

    • I'm no way better than 50% of the people put there... Lol but thanks for being so supportive. I'm very self-conscious

  • you can't fucking see anything

    • That's my left hip. Is it Bad?

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