Dress up day at school?

So in school we have this dress up day where we dress up as our favourite book character and I'm really into makeup but most girls in my class are not dressing up because they think it is stupid or silly and they don't want to because they think the boys will jeer them? Would a boy prefer if you had a bit of laugh and dressed up or would they prefer you be dressed in normal clothes?


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  • I would say most people wouldn't care. However, I don't think guys in general would jeer them per say. If they do joke around with them for it, it'd most likely be in an endearing way-- like a friendly kidding way (not insulting).

    I remember back in high school what people would do (if they felt awkward) was they'd dress up with their friends and make a little costume group. Like some girls would dress up as Harry, Ron, and Hermoine, and then they'd have fun with it. They'd take pictures and it was pretty cool to see them having fun.
    If you have any friends you can get to do it with you that'd be a possible idea.

    If you are confident and are proud of how you look, that feeling tends to spread to anothers. The confidence matters a lot. If you dress up, you have to own it.

    From my perspective, I would say go for it. It will make the day different and memorable which will make it more fun. High school or whatnot only happens once-- might as well make the most of it.

    I remember I dressed up as Beetlejuice and scared people for fun on a dress up day at my school haha. It was a crazy costume, but it was still loads of entertainment..

  • they are dum school is such place where dumb people dominate not much u can do. boys don't really care I think :D


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  • Why do it for boys?
    Do it for yourself!

    Honestly you will come across more down to earth if you dress up, unlike your boring friends.

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