How is it girls are accepted in all shapes and sizes and guys arent?

Height, men have to worry
Weight, its a person's fuckin problem
They can hide their face under makeup
Features wise big eyes, small eyes, big nose, small nose etc are all alright but not so for men

This is what i find when i google average girl:
How is it girls are accepted in all shapes and sizes and guys arent?She would still get a lot of male attention and that is after her being chubby

This is what i get for average guy

He is fit and still would be considered repulsively ugly to most women.

Here's a guy's perception of an average girl:
not much better than real. Look at how do i look questions here, most women look worse than her and get ratings of 7-8/10

Here's a girl's perception of an average guy:

i bet the guy above would kill to have a face like this and even he is ugly to women



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  • That zyzz guy is the farthest thing from average.
    Every girl and guy know that.

    • He is considered bad looking to women

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    • But his anger scares me. I wouldn't be with someone with anger issues. Brings up too many red flags for my taste.

    • Ur good looking and i am not white knighting lol and yeah even if zyzz and jsanza had/have a decent face, their personality sucks balls. And the anger comes from the hate comments of people, hell i am sure if 99% of the people who made fun of you and jsanza put up their pics they would look much worse. I dont understand it though, when i look at young tom cruise or some celebs outside the spotlight, i feel i have nothing to worry about but then i look at zyzz and the guy who plays harry potter and girls call them butt freakin ugly so i feel like my dating life is going to be non existant lol

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  • I think that girls rate looks more critically but put less value on them for relationships, while guys rate looks less critically but put more value on them for relationships.

    There is also potentially more variation of opinions for what is considered an attractive guy than there is for what is considered an attractive girl.

    • If a guy has a recessed jaw or big eyes, he is over but its not so for girls, look qt selena gomez for instance, she has a recessed jaw and tiny eyes which should be unattractive for women but she is still considered a bombshell, a guy like that would die lonely though

    • Some features will be considered attractive for a man to have but unnattractive for women and vice versa.

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  • If you can't get a date, it's not them, it's you. You are not going to be very attractive to women as long as you view them as some sort of hostile force. Women like guys who like women as people. I had a short, disabled friend who had beautiful women around him all the time because he was nice and funny and paid attention to them.

    • Dude the internethas screwed me over, i went on a site called sluthate 2 months back and life isn't the same, in my mind, if u aren't over 5'10, have a face at channing tatum level and a 10% body fat, ur life is over, i literally compare my pics with celebs and good looking guys i know and feel like killing myself sometimes

    • It's not the internet. You don't seem to like yourself very much, and until you do you won't be attractive to others. I was in the same place at your age. Give yourself a break. Change the stuff you want to change and accept the rest. No one else is perfect, and a some of those guys who seem to have it all are pretty unhappy.

    • But if the second guy in the pic zyzz is ugly, of daniel radcliffe is ugly etc then i must be repusive to women and laughable by men, its started to scare me to go outside my room

  • Because most women can't handle criticism...

    • I love you for honesty man