Stretch Marks on a Guy's Biceps?

Stretch Marks on a Guy's Biceps?
Like this, but shorter and not as much.

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  • the stretch marks are fine but I just don't like large biceps like that

    • That isn't actually that big. That's a pretty normal sized arm, just flexed.

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    • @redeyemindtricks that's not normal to me. I don't like muscular guys

    • "My arms and marks are smaller than his"
      Yeah but you are not even 18 yet. Men's upper bodies fill out A LOT between the ages of 18 and 30.
      The actors in the movie 300, for example, are pretty much all 30 or older. That kind of "solid" upper body -- just not a thing that exists much, before that age. Definitely not at your age.

      That's a pretty normal sized arm for a guy who's >30 years old. Genetically skinny men will have skinnier arms, but, this is the whole reason why the biceps is the muscle that men flex when they want to "flex" -- it looks really big!

  • Who cares...


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