How do I get rid of these bags under my eyes?

(messed up my first post about this, sorry) anyway, like I said, ignore the messy hair because its windy here do I get rid of these bags under my eyes?

if anyone has advice on removing the dark bags from under my eyes FOR GOOD could you please post it below! thanks! :)


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  • get more sleep. put warm tea bags or cucumber on your eyes. dunno. search stuff up on googles

    • I've been looking around but nothing seems to work for more than a few hours :/ sleep isn't the issue here though. hey, I've been gone awhile, whats going on with gag? i can't respond to anyone anymore :/

    • i have no idea

  • Sleep longer. Don't overwork yourself and it should help.
    And I like your hair:)

    • thank you :) I've been working on the sleep bit :P

  • I don't know about for good, but putting spoons in the freezer and the holding them under your eyes

    • yeah, that seems to work for a few hours at the most, good if your going on a date but not so much if your going to work :P

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