How do guys get laid without looking like matt bomer?

If i start believing the internet, every guy that has ever had meaningless sex is over 6'4'', has a face like matt bomer, an 8'' dick, body like zyzz and earn 100k a year. But then recently i saw on facebook a group i joined, this guy posts pics of him having sex with 4 women and he didn't pay for it directly, got them drunk in a party and bought them stuff and all but still that guy was like a 6/10 face wise. Imagine long face italian kid with narrow set eyes, tan skin and gelled hair and skinny. And he was about 6', so nothing really to stand out. Now how do these guys get it i wonder?


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  • Have charisma/game. Be in shape. Put yourself out there. If getting laid is your goal, go out to bars/clubs with friends or use apps like Tinder.

    In real life, most couples (and people in general) look pretty average and live pretty average lives, and can still have a healthy sex life. Just work on being the best version of yourself and things will work out.

    • the internet has screwed me up, being on girlsaskguys and sluthate has given me impressions that everyone is a greek god/ goddess and i stand nowhere

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    • @Joc4Position You don't you believe in bettering yourself? Yikes haha.

    • LOL! It's complicated.

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  • I'm only 5'4 lol. Had to look up Matt Bomer. I look nothing like him. Not even the same race. My dick is big, sure. However, I've been denied for being too big. Had to look up Zyzz. I doubt most females would like a body like that. I'm fit, but not that muscular. I don't earn shit right now. Hopefully I'll be making some money soon though.

    I get laid and I don't get females drunk. There's no magic to it. Just be you and go for the ones that are interested.

    • And as far as sex be honest. Don't try to snake your way into her pants. No matter how great you look or whatever more than likely if she ain't into casual sex then she ain't into it. So yeah you just gotta find the right ones.

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    • Red_dragon?

    • Thanks for MH

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  • It's funny how men care more about height than women.

  • Lol I miss read his name to boner hahah

    • He gives the ladies that and we dont :(

  • i look like shit sprinkled with more shit on top. still getting laid. u have no game.

    • i am 5'11'' with that protruding chin, tan, sharp nose and everything and been complimented by people too and yet i am a kissless virgin

    • still... . no game. and to self centered n in your head.

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