Girlfriend keeps saying I look like her ex, do I?

I have no problem with her saying it, I just don't really see it! I'm just curious to know!

Girlfriend keeps saying I look like her ex, do I?

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  • Make her ur ex simple lol because you do look a like and usually people always find a look alike to what they previously had. it would make me very uncomfortable and angry and a bit self conscious. There is no need to tell you this over an over again implying she misses him. I'm assuming he dumped her?

    • Yup for another girl... but that girl now likes me, even weirder.

    • lmfaooooo I'm kinda petty... ok hella petty and karma is a female dog so this is the point where i shout out " You know they say the LORD work's in mysterious way's... Ain't GOD good? won't he do it? " that's my revenge line lol. Eventually i'm sure you two won't last sorry to say. You deserve better and clearly she hasn't gotten over him It's a waste of both of your time. tell her to respect what you two have and stop reminscing on the past. she'll either cry or say she doesn't know what your talking about of course*eye roll* don't fall for it.

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  • You do look like him, I suggest break up because I think the only reason she's with you is because you look like him. She's not over him yet.


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  • You have the same complexion, same hair color... similar. She has a physical type. Lots of people do.

    Just remember you're not her ex. You're her now.

  • well, this has got to be strange for you

  • ya a little. maybe she's attracted to that type of look


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