So I did do the bleaching before applying the color, however, I panicked and washed out the bleach only after about 10 minutes (It was lightening extremely fast and I was extremely worried about that, I've never had a bleach act that quickly) then waited for it to completely dry. I had a red permanent dye before I had bleached, and after bleaching, the red seemed to be intensified. I figured "oh well" because the crimson obsession looked like a blood red, so surely it would cover up the red hair underneath. I then read online that splat has best results when left on overnight, so I had applied the color crimson obsession, and once I had rinsed the hair color out, it dried BLACK! I'm horrified! And to make it worse there are a FEW strands that are flaming hot red and... it's just a disaster. Will the color change in the black parts? Can I dye over this with, say, garnier nutrisse ultra color? They have a nice red color that claims to lift black hair to the red color, but I'm wondering if this would work over the demi dye or if it would just contribute more issues to this awful darkness!


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  • First thing first... do NOT put another layer of dye on top. It's just going to fuck everything up even more.
    Second step is to go out and buy a hair colour remover. JoBaz has one that I use, and I'd recommend using the max strength. Follow the instructions to the letter, and it won't damage your hair anymore.
    Once the colour has been removed, do a deep conditioning treatment and then assess the state of your hair. Is it strawlike, breaking, frazzled? If so, do not use the bleach again.
    If your hair is in reasonably good condition, you CAN lift the colour again, but be incredibly careful. How many times have you bleached your hair, and what volume of developer did you use? If it's any higher than 20, I wouldn't put any more bleach in, and if that was the second time or more bleaching your hair, just leave it alone now.
    Once you've removed the colour (and lifted again, if you're going that route), you can put another colour over the top.

    What you need to remember is that bleaching over dyed hair rarely works, and you're better off taking out the colour each time.

    Or you can save a lot of time and drama, and go to a salon for this.


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  • Just go to a hair salon before you ruin your hair and it starts to break and stuff

  • It sounds like you put way too much chemistry on your hair to dye it again right away. if I were you, I'd keep it black for a while and save so you can go to a really good saloon.