How curvy do you have to be to attract a Hispanic man?

I'm a white girl, and I really have a thing for Hispanic guys. Naturally, it depends on the guy, but I've heard that Hispanic men tend to prefer curvier women. I read in an article on the Internet that Mexican actresses tend to have proportions something like 38-27-40. My measurements are 37-27-39, and I'm fairly toned, especially my lower body. My bra size is 30G. I'm also small-boned and long-legged for 5'4, and my waist darts in sharply but is a little chubby. Does my body sound close enough to ideal to hold the attention of an attractive Hispanic guy?

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  • You sound a little too "curvy" to me.
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By "a little too 'curvy,'" I mean overweight.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I bet if you approached a hispanic dude, he wouldn't care that you're a certain shape. Different dudes like different things.

    • That's a good point lol.

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  • Don't worry.. You don't have to be "curvy " or perfect to attract a hspianic man or any.


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  • 30G? what does that look like. jeez

  • What makes you think all Hispanic guys like the same thing?

    • I don't lol. I'm relying on a generalization. No one can guarantee a particular guy being attracted to me, but, culturally, would a woman with my proportions be typically be considered attractive among Hispanic men, particularly Mexican men actually since they're probably most common where I live?

  • Having you dating a Black or white guy before?

    • No. Why do you ask?

    • Because I feel discriminated against. I don't even why white women have so much hatred towards black men. I'm Jamaican and never had an attractive white girl look my way. I want to commit suicide because of my skin color :'(.

    • Oh my goodness. Don't do that. I don't think Hispanic men are attractive because I hate black men. That's silly. I've known some very nice and likable black people, and some who shouted, "black power" and did other things to intimidate white people, and a lot in between. I'm sure not all of the white people you know hate you, but, even if they did, that's no reason to kill yourself. There are plenty of non-white people in the world and plenty of reasons to live that are better than being checked out by white girls.

  • You are curvy enough.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Whites are popular with hispanics anyway regardless of body types

  • I didn't even know woman could have G boobs.. I have a cups... lol yay me

    • Oh I'm sorry. I probably sound stupid. I'm sure most men care about the face more. My cousin has smaller boobies, and she gets checked out more than I do.

  • if he is mexican you can be a square and he will love you.

    • Do Mexicans like square girls?

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    • Oh okay. I think the Mexican girls where I live are from a different part of Mexico or something lol, but thank you for your response. It was very helpful.

    • No wait! I just looked on Instagram. I see what you mean. I guess I've never really looked before. I just assumed that Hispanic girls all have good bodies because that's what guys say.

  • sounds like you're curvier than JLO her measuements are 37-27-37

    • measurements**

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    • Oh yeah. I'm sorry. I work out to try to make my butt bigger, but where the fat goes seems to depend on what I eat. Sugar goes to my love handles. Greasy food goes to my butt.

    • hmmm maybe it's the same way for me who knows lol