Isn't it sad how just a bad eye area can make a potentially good looking guy bad?

Take elijah wood for instance
Isn't it sad how just a bad eye area can make a potentially good looking guy bad?

But the moment he squints, he looks so good
This is literally our friend frodo if he had slightly smaller dark eyes and a smaller forehead

I was browsing through a site called sluthate. com and i found this guy, right down to the bone structure he looks like siddharth malhotra and he has a better nose too than that bulbous nosed guy, but his eye area made him average to above average, this is not me, but i was shocked when i saw it and i am sorry, i just had to mention, it can't be fair. This is the guy

Here is the actor siddharth malhotra

I am some random guy, i beg the moderators to take down this question after a while because i have posted someone i shouldn't have, i dont even use the sluthate site, just browse through it and i found this guy.

In my case too, my looks are fucked up only because of my eye area and i hate this fact and wanted to make a mention of it.

and what i hate is this is not the case for women, they have easy access to makeup to make it look alright and they are still so picky about men's looks, i feel suicidal because of this A LOT


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  • Some random guy in a dark room in a tank top compared to an actor on a photoshopped ad. Seems like a fair comparison 😒

    • so this means anyone without fucked up features can look good at their optimum levels?

    • @Vncmc it means there are ways to handle "negative" features especially with photography. No one is perfect

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  • I think there is an expression "the difference average and beautiful comes down to a matter of millimeters".

    In my opinion eyes are potentially the most important feature in separating the average from the above average. Its not the color tho, its the shape, size, and the positioning of the eyes that matters.


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  • What are you saying about Zayn? lol


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