Should I get a phone case for my iPhone 6s?

I have a iPhone 6s in rose gold, should I even get a case for it or no? I have a screen protector too. This is what my case looks like, does it look good? Be honest!! :) and whyShould I get a phone case for my iPhone 6s?

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  • Some extra protection can be helpful. Worth the extra money in my opinion.

    • It is not the matter to be surprised that the only need for cell phone cases is to give your phone the utmost protection. When there is the question about cases for iPhone 6s, I would say that case for your iPhone is something that you must have. Though, the iPhone 6s case shown in the picture is looking good by the appearance but if it cannot protect your phone from the damages then it is good for nothing. So, use a case that not only looks good but also durable. In my opinion, I would like to suggest you to shop from Celicious. I have bought the case for the same phone and it is worth for money to me.

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  • Looks good to me

  • When u drop it and you have to pay to fix it then you will have wished to get a phone case


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