How do I look without makeup on?

No Makeup:
How do I look without makeup on?
And with makeup:

The poll is for the title question. If you wouldn't mind commenting, I would also like your opinion on how old I look and how I look in general. Also, I know that I have a goofy expression on my face. I'm not photogenic, and my hair isn't super-short. It's tied back. Thank you in advance for your response:)

  • You look terrifying. Don't let anyone see you without makeup.
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  • You look fine to walk around your house.
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  • You could go out in public like that.
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  • You look as good as with makeup.
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  • "The only woman pretty enough not to wear makeup was Elizabeth Taylor, and she wore a ton."
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Most Helpful Guy

  • You have an incredibly cute face, so that lets you get away with no make-up. Cute features, great eyes, cute lips. That cute, youthful face shape really handles a lack of makeup well. The make up you chose was subtle, which was a good move, as it didn't compete with your natural attractiveness. You look great with none, but if you do use some, go with the minimalist, subtle approach like you did there. It'll be the best to highlight your features.


Most Helpful Girl

  • you're pretty without it!! natural beauty


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  • You look pretty and young with NO make up on. You look pretty and more mature WITH makeup on. :)

  • You look the exact same in both pictures tbh. Couldn't tell a difference just different angles and lighting. You can go with or without.